I’d like to pose a question or 10….

EW really has me question the pull for Jake… I honestly would like to know WHY people prefer Jake for Olivia? I’d also like to know WHY or WHAT makes him stand out to be the better choice? Sorry this is a long one….

Is it because he’s single? I guess this would be the obvious choice. So every single male with an interest in her that comes into her life is a great choice? Even though he may be a #Stage9Creeper, pedophile, woman beater, etc he’s automatically better because he’s single?

Is it because he “connects” with her better? Well damn, I expect anyone that has been watching me for months without my knowledge to be able to “connect” with me on some level. Shit, you’ve been watching my every move! I’d think you’d be a dumb ass not to have picked up a few things along the way, but how is this okay? She didn’t openly give that info away. So wouldn’t this “connection” be based on a lie?

I think its funny when you look at Olivia Pope and her relationships so far, and how she has approached them. 

Things I’ve noticed:

With Edison, Olivia only gave so much. She gave him bits and pieces of her heart. She was with him for 4 years and engaged twice, and he still didn’t get it right. Sure she respected Edison, but she knew she didn’t love him, so she shut him out.

Edison was trying so hard to break that barrier though and he still couldn’t get through BECAUSE Olivia was not willing to open herself up to him. She didn’t want to . 

With Jake, Olivia in my opinion has given him NOTHING. She has not known this man very long, but in some weird way he is attuned to her. Olivia Pope does not openly feel or open herself up to others, not even her coworkers and friends that she’s known a LONG time. It’s danger territory for her to be so vulnerable, so when you have someone that is privy to that information already, yeah it makes it really easy to use it to your advantage.


He already knows her pastimes, mannerisms, favorite foods, and hobbies. He has one foot in the door. Olivia is unaware that he already knows everything he needs to say or do to charm her. He reeled her in. She was still hesitant to open herself up even more after they started talking to each other because that’s who she is. She holds back. She had struggle sex to help with the demons of the person she DOES love. When things came to light, she felt a little disrespected and used, as she should. With Jake, I think that Olivia is GRATEFUL or very APPRECIATIVE of what he did for her, but that is all. She knows who she loves, even in her darkest days. She knows.

With Fitz, Olivia is a whole other beast. When he came along he ignited something in her. She was reluctant to start this affair with him, but her heart could no longer hold out. He was slowly able to knock down some of the walls, and she let him. She felt something within herself to be able to openly give her heart to this man. Fitz knows Olivia better than anyone, and I would say that he loves her like no one else loves her. They actually have a REAL connection with each other. They breathe and sleep in sync. They communicate without words. 

Of course his marriage is an issue, but it takes two to tango. She openly agreed to an affair with Fitz and she knew what she could be getting herself into. The thing about love is, it sees and knows no bounds. It doesn’t see race, color, wedding rings, husbands, wives, and unfortunately that’s the honest truth. When two people love each other like Fitz and Olivia it’s unfortunate because of the circumstances and how and when they fell in love. It does not mean they love each other any less, it just means that they have more work to do between the two of them. Fitz needs to get a divorce, and Olivia needs to stop running. 

Does anyone else think Olivia knows exactly what she wants, but she’s just not sure how she is going to get there? The obvious and easy choice may be Jake, but we’ve heard from her lips the kind of love she wants. (painful, devastating) I think she just needs to realize that her love won’t always be like that if we could just have a decent fucking story line where adults actually work through their shit!!!!

What do you guys think? Am I crazy?

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    Yes so agree!! Don’t need to add unneccessary characters to mess up Olitz. Olitz has enough drama on its own without...
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    I don’t like Jake’s character on the show, until Fitz had him observing Olivia without her awareness he would not have...
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    When I think of SF, I think of his bald spot. And arrogance. And lack of acting ability. And lack of chemistry with KW....
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    EW really has me question the pull for Jake… I honestly would like to know WHY people prefer Jake for Olivia? I’d also...
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    Love of your life is love of your life no changing it and nothing will ever compare.
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